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FAQ Full List

Will I need to register for the new digital banking experience?

Yes, even if you were using eBranch online banking and/or the old mobile app, you’ll need to register in the new system. You will be prompted to create your new account the first time you log into digital banking.

Will I need to download a new mobile app?

Yes - a brand new app will be made available when we're live in the new system. Android users will need to delete our old app first and then download the new app. Apple users will receive the new app automatically if you have automatic updates turned on (otherwise, look for an updated app to download).

Will I need to register all of my accounts separately?

No – most members will only need to register once. If you have multiple member numbers, you’ll be able to view all of your accounts under your new username once you’re registered!  However, business accounts and some specialty accounts won’t automatically be linked and will need to be registered separately.

I’m a joint member on an account – do I need to register?

Yes! All members on an account (both prime and joint) will register separately in the new system with their own usernames and passwords.

When will the new system be live?

Our new digital banking experience is now available!

Where can I learn more about the new system?

We’ve created several videos and tutorials with detailed information on changes and features. Check them out in the Videos and Tutorials section.